Hello From Tomorrow

Welcome to Hello From tomorrow. This site is to feature the interviews we have done with the innovators of today that are making tomorrow better. They have many titles, developer, futurist, imaginiere, idea generator and could even be your next door neighbor.

We will post new shows every other week with interesting interviews talking to the innovators of today and finding out how they come up with the ideas to make tomorrow better, whether it be in the tech industry, food industry, entertainment industry or smart houses. Plus, if you hear a story you would like us to find out more about, send us a note and let us know what it is. We will track it down.

We are two curious women, asking the questions to find out the inspirations that may lead to the next big discovery. Wait till you hear these stories, you will be inspired too. So enjoy the recordings and let us know what you think.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Tara & Joyce


One looper & a pile of instruments making amazing music.

One looper & a pile of instruments = Amazing music

All music, the opening and going into breaks is by OBLEE. Check out this man’s amazing talent at http://www.obleemusic.com/.



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