Virtual Reality – High Fidelity – Women in VR

Guest – Caitlyn Meeks, Director of Content at High Fidelity, Inc.

Topic-Virtual reality & High Fidelity & Women in VR

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Caitlyn is the Director of Content at High fidelity, Inc. where she plays a key role in the product development of the shared VR platform.   –  High Fidelity is one of the latest virtual reality formats, hoping to be a space for virtual reality goggle users to immerse themselves. It enables you to use common formats, tools and languages to build complex interactive experiences, share processing power among users. Think the Matrix, you are almost there.

Tune in and hear, what users can expect when entering the VR platform. Plus, how amazing things are, like spatial audio which they have been working on, so when someone is standing far from you, you will hear them low like they are far from you, and if they are close you will hear them up close.

Plus, what if you are not a coder or 3D designer, can you go in the world? What type of computer does one need to be able to handle the graphics? Are there places to explore that are public? How does it compare to the internet of today and will it become the internet as we will know it tomorrow are all things we will talk with Caitlyn about.

Then we discuss women in VR, how the paradigm has changed and what it will look like going forward.

The show lasts (enter show length). Listen on your way to work while relaxing after work or anytime.


Show Notes

Interested in learning more about High Fidelity or downloading the platform and trying it out you will find it at  You can read blogs and forums about using the space, plus there is a calendar that shows when greeters will be online to answer questions, and events will be taking place.

Author: Hello from Tomorrow

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